A solo theatre play by Rahel Schaber

The search of a woman in a world suffocating with confusion and external influences. 
A young woman's search for identity in a world suffocating with confusion and external influences.
In the play Elle we accompany a young woman on her search for identity and her place as a woman in this world.
She harbours a longing for the innocence of her childhood and strives for the purity of her thinking at the time, which allowed her to question things without judging and condemning them.
She suffocates under the pressure of society and the general conditions that she feels compelled to comply with as a woman.
Overwhelmed and confused by the physical and mental changes that come with becoming a woman, she begins to question old conventions and patterns and to realise her strength as a woman.
The production follows Elle on her journey of reliving her own adolescence, from initial physical changes leading to a complete transformation of the world around her, to exploring her own sexuality and finding love and belonging.
By reliving this journey she recognizes the power that lies within her and realises that she too is a part of this society and can use her place and her power to change it.
Elle will be a journey together with the audience to ask sincere questions together.
The staging aims to return to the roots of theatre and combine its power as a vehicle for change with its purpose of pure entertainment.
The play explores the issue of being a woman from a perspective that illuminates both the beauty and the weight of this task.
The production challenges the audience to rediscover their own innocence, to open their eyes and to realise that they are part of this experience and have the power to stand up for themselves and others. It encourages you to see things from a place of respect and understanding and to open up to the world.
​​​​​​​(In development - coming May 2024)
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